Friday, August 21, 2009

School and Birthday Card Fiascos

Haaaalllllooo<--- I actually hate saying hello like that because there is a German blogger named Katrina who literally starts off every single video (she does like two a day) with "haaaaallllooo". Grrr. Sucker punch her in the face. And by that I mean...absolutely nothing. I hardly ever have a method to my madness.

So, I have finally finished summer school. Yey for only having 18 days of actual summer now. Important to note is that I do not in any way promote the summer school program I used- Aventa. It has continually disappointed my family and I by being unreliable and inefficiently run. For example, I got my online report card for the class today and I had an 82 in history. You know why? Because my online teacher decided not to grade any of my discussion questions I turned in, thereby giving me 0/100 for discussions. I know, fascinating. Basically, if you have the option, don't use it.

Moving on to a topic slightly more stimulating. Last Friday was my host brothers 17th birthday. I thought it would be a nice gesture to buy a card for him. Unfortunately, my sense of humor tends to override my sense of judgement. I try so hard to be funny that many times I get myself into a pickle. See, I decided that instead of a regular card, how funny would it be to get one of those music cards, right?? And that's really where I should have stopped. But knowing me, God forbid I not make a total ass out of myself. I then chose the Cinderella princess birthday card for this soccer playing 17 year old boy. When you open the card it makes a magical *dodododo* sound and then has cinderella wish him a happy birthday. The kicker is that inside it wishes "the beautiful princess" a happy birthday. So I crossed out the "ss" and made it prince. And I sent it.

Now, I totally regret it. Of course I would never second guess it before I sent it because that would be all too convenient. Even though in the writing I made sure he knew it was a joke, I feel as if it may not have been my smartest move. This is especially since I have never once talked to Chris or even sent an email. So my first impression is sending him a princess card. BUT they keep raving that they are a very funny family so this will be a true test of their sense of humor. Then again, I have also heard that German humor is completely different than America slap-stick humor. And if it completely bombs, then little to say, it will be a very long year.

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