Saturday, August 29, 2009

The 10 Longest Days of Summer

I've officially decided that the last two weeks in the United States will be my longest and hardest part of this whole experience. This means a lot considering that its competitors were summer school and waiting to find out whether I got accepted for cbyx (my scholarship). But no, indeed the last few days have been killer. Somehow the free time that I would have murdered my best friend for during finals week, has lost its shine and sparkle. One can only play online bingo so long (and not win once) until they have no other option but to sit and stare at walls until the days pass.

I have 10 days left. Technically, I have 14 because there's a four day orientation in Washington D.C... but 10 days to entertain myself at home. I no longer even have companions in my Summer boredom. My brother Tyler moved out on the 17th and my brother Colin left this morning for his Sophmore year at Dickinson. He also took my bedroom TV...*inserts incredibly angry face*. I have considered starting to pack, but seeing as I'm packing a years worth of clothes, I'd be better off doing it closer to me leaving. Some cbyxers started packing last month, which makes me question what the hell their wearing, if anything, right now?

As my last gift before I leave, my stepmom has offered to cook my favorite meals for the week preceeding my departure. Kudos to my stepmom for this brilliant idea. I am helping with the prep process which will be tomorrow. I can't cook, I can just cut shit. So that's what I contribute. My list of "Last Suppers" include black beans and rice, crab cakes, chili, and spaghetti. I obviously have a very sophisticated palate.

Oh yes, so now for the translating disasters that I know you so crave to hear. I seriously start to wonder whether I'm the only kid pulling this stuff. Anyway, in one of my E-mails to my host mother I attempted to ask whether we could purchase a hair straightener when I arrive there (This is because AFS has assured me that if I try to plug it in while in Europe, it will surely blow up. As much as I would like to pull a mythbusters and see if this would actually happen, my parents might not be so proud to hear I set my host families house on fire my first night). Unfortunately, I don't know the word for "straightener". As the lazy teen that I am, I would much rather plug that into a translator than actually look it up in my German-English dictionary. So, I did..finished the E-mail...and sent it. When I got an E-mail back, I was promptly told that I had just asked if I can purchase hair plugs when I arrive. So pretty much my host family is expecting a prematurely balding chick to show up at the train station. Damn you Babble Fish!

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