Monday, August 31, 2009

I delete you!

I have officially deleted both my facebook and my twitter accounts, big moves for a 16 year old girl. I wanted to do this before leaving because I know how addicting both of them are (seeing as I checked them frequently even during finals week) and how much I would be impelled to check them. I did not want to be using English on a regular basis or hogging the computer at my host's house. Now I am left with the life question of, what do I do now?

This weekend has probably been my most productive weekend all Summer. We bought a new camera for my trip, shot and printed pictures of my home town, and also figured out my money situation. My family decided to get me both a mastercard and a visa card for my trip (because some places don't accept one or the other). They are debit cards cosigned with my parents. This way, they can put in money and also check my spendings. We also had two of my final favorite meals for dinner including chicken parm and spinach pasta : D omnomnom

As far as interactions with the host family, they are counting down. I planned to send an email tonight to my host Mom but it takes a lot of time and well...I'm just ganna do it tomorrow (aka Lazy). I am a bit scared as they have not mentioned that birthday card I sent Chris which makes me suspect it didn't go over so well. I'm not sure my neverending sarcasm will go over well there, as it many times bites me in the ass even here. I have also decided to pass up on bringing my laptop or even my Ipod to Germany. Neither will really be of use to me. I say this now, but I may regret the decision about .2 seconds after arriving.

Also, who would have had the first day of school today had she not been going to Germany?! Yes, ME! I was tempted to wait at the busstop and then when it came, get on and go "oh yes, how silly of me, I don't have to go to school!" and walk off. Instead I slept in, which was equally as satisfying.

So I will now post pictures because that's the only part of blogs people actually look at...

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