Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why I've Been Gone

Hi. To all. So, apparently my blog disappearing created a bit of a stir. And yes, I know, it's been gone for quiet some time. Heres the thing: I really didn't like writing in this thing. At the beginning, when everything's new, it's really fun to verbally vomit out your reactions. But after Christmas I had nothing new to write, yet with the buzz about my blog I felt this extreme pressure to say something, anything. I had my political opinions on Germany or social expectations I felt strongly about, but readers are only readers when your feeding them information they agree with...or it seemed that way. And I'm not a journalist, so after a few really negative comments I just sort of said...."ya know what, fuck it. I don't like writing in here, and they don't like reading it". So when I had some technical problems with my account, I just let it be a reason to let my blog "disappear".

This being said, I've missed writing. If not just for the soul reason that ever since I stopped the blog I've had to actually respond in full to peoples emails as opposed to just saying, "yo, check the blog". But in reality, it's because I'm coming to the end of this little adventure and...it's hard not to write about it.

I guess I'll start by informing you on the dillydallyings of my life during my hiatus (in which I actually had to open my assignment book to see because my brain has unfortunately deteriorated due to not giving it daily...cough weekly cough...workouts). I joined a chorus. My chorus "broke up" dramatically like a boy band. I went to a German opera- fell asleep and ripped my black panty hose resulting in me sitting with my hand awkwardly laid over the hole of my leg the rest of the show and a teen girl whispering "Schlampe" (slut) as she passed me. Why thank you, I loved the last song as well! I started cooking for my host family. Though Kraft mac n' cheese got the bigger smiles. I can read books in German. Like legit books, I like it a lot. Currently just finished Die Welle. I saw Alice in Wonderland in German and 3D, it was a brain explosion. I ran a 10k with my host Dad and proceeded to then eat the largest currywurst you've ever seen. My parents visited despite AFS constantly telling you not to have them. I started yoga. I started owning my French class ( Clarification: In Claire's deteriorated mind, owning French class means getting C's. But hey, I'm being taught French in German so...YEAH!). I turned 17, and my host family surprised me with tickets to the sold out Black Eyed Peas concert in Berlin. And then I went to London and stayed with friends for a week.

In short, thats a recap. Might go into more detail about them a little later. But first just wanted to establish myself as being back. Hope its okay.

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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH for being back, hope the year was great :)