Monday, July 6, 2009

Meine Gast-Familie

So, my name is Claire. I'm 16 and live in West Chester Pennsylvania. During Christmas break I stayed with a friend Irina from camp in NYC. She had gone to Mexico through AFS and suggested I take a look at what they offered. Long story short, now I have the CBYX scholarship to study abroad for the year in Germany and I leave September 11th, 2009.

After what seemed like a lifetime waiting, I finally got my host family. They live in a town called Forst which is in the former East Germany on the Polish border. It's a pretty big town, about 20,000 people, which is almost the exact same as my town in America. I have a host mother Jutta (though she goes by Peggy) who opthomologist...I think haha it's really hard to translate that word cause so many words in English are close to it. But yeah, something with the eyes. And she owns her own practice which is located on the bottom floor of their house. I have a host father Sven who is a used cars salesman and also flies miniature airplanes<--something that sounds sort of lame but actually looks pretty cool. Lastly, I have a host brother Chris who is my age and plays soccer. I was ecstatic to hear that I had a host brother and not a host sister as I grew up with three older brothers so that puts me in a very comfortable and familiar situation.

This is the house I will be living in. The bottom floor is the practice and my bedroom will be the one in the far left corner. Across the street is a supermarket.

This is my host family of Peggy, Sven, and Chris.

See, sort of cool right?

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  1. Hey Claire,
    I'm trying for the CBYX scholarship 2010, and congrats on getting it :)
    Just wanted to say you're blog is really funny, keep it up! If you have any advice for the scholarship or anything, please post it.
    Have a great time!